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It only take a couple of minutes then once approved you can add/delete and edit all your own events and promotions.


Whilst we agree one of the most popular platforms now for promotion is Social media it doesn't always lend itself to every scenrario. We have found it can be quite tedious having to troll through every venues Social Media accounts each weekend just to find out who was on where. Even when events are posted in groups, they are soon pushed down to the bottom of the list and forgotten.

So we wanted to create a One Stop Events Calendar for the town that you can view all the events in just one place nice ad simple. With our recent successes at Darwen Live where thousands of people where using our mobile friendly user guide we could see that there was definately a demand for an easy to use format.

Pubs ,Bars & Venues

Till now our staff have been trawling your social media posts to find events tat we can post on the site to promote these events for you, however it has become increasingly difficult as some venues may not know till a few days before what they have on for the weekend.
So we have now setup a simple login system so you can login to the site and add your own events and promotions to the calendar.

Why Join

Darwentower is an iconic landmark in the town so our domain name was a perfect fit not only for locals but also for visitors to the town. While many locals may know the name of their favourite local venue and can easily search to find out what's on, visitors from out of town wont know who's who, so this events calendar is perfect to be promoted in other towns.

  • People can find all events on one place
  • Venue owners and landlords can now manage their own events and promotions
  • It's free to join and will always be free
  • Public will soon be able to sign up to weekly news letters where you can collectively advertise your events
  • It's simple, fast and easy to use
  • It's managed by locals for locals
  • It's free advertising, why would you not?
  • Unbiased and equal for all venues in town


Acceptable Uses

Whilst we dont wish to lay down the rules about what you can and cant promote on the calendar we would just say that it is open to sensible use and common sense.
We are more than happy to discuss as a group with all our members of any changes or improvements that could be made so please do contact us with any suggestions.

Duration: 1 year
Price: Free