The opening of Darwen Tower Website


Years of thought and planning......

Months of research....

Months of development....

and we are finally here

 What's it all about?

So we launched the first Darwen site in 2000 and in 2003 in conjunction with BWD we played host to the Golden Jubilee and our website was the focal point of the towns celebrations.

The 12 months later we dissapeared ( well we didn't but the website did ) as we working on growing other aspects of our business. It was always on our mind to bring back a website for the town but we wanted something that was ging to be useful and more than just a website of links and boring news. It has to be inspiring and something that could help the town, help local businesses and be away to connect the community all in one place rather than being fragmented all over facebook.

So here we are with a brand new technologically advanced website for the town with a fully integrated and totally unique crime reporting system.

We are aware there is another alerts system, however this is run by the police and is for more major incidents and it is delayed so you dont get instant messages about criminal activity or anti social behaviour in your neighbourhood until it's too late...

We have wrote to the Lancashire commissioner to ask him to get involved with our site as well.

With other features to help businesses attract work such as an online quoting system, a business directory a classifieds section and even our own Darwen Chat which is our own social media software that works very similar to Facebook but without being inundated with ads...

We hope you will all join us and sign up then we can really connect the town together and it will then just give everyone some much power, the power of instantly communicating with the whole Darwen community.

Another big feature we wanted to do was to offer Bars, Pubs, Restaurants the opportunity to use our own developed sofware for online ordering, table reservations and pay at table software.
If people in town used our software to order food and take aways it would save them a fortune in commission that they pay to the likes of Just Eat so they can then give you better prices.

All you need to do is start using the site and people will soon follow and it is a win win scenario

We hope you enjoy the site and welcome any comments you have and once we have enough members we are going to make it a democratic website, so you can vote on what happens on the site.

Best wishes from the site owners and the development team

Darwen Tower