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Darwen Crime Alerts

This is a unique instant alerts system for neighbors to report a crime that sends an alert to all of their neighbors in the area so that they can be vigilant.

To register for Crime Alerts you need to prove you live in a BB3 Postcode and that you are over the age of 18

Most towns and cities in England have crime, so the fact we have a crime alert system does not make Darwen any worse, it means that as locals we are actually doing something about it to reduce crime, this way we can maintain healthy house prices and keep our insurance premiums down and of course the main thing is to keep people and OUR property safe.

An Example of use:-

You look at your window and you see someone trying car doors or front doors outside your house. Firstly you call the police before you do anything else. Then you login into Darwen Tower Crime Alerts system and you submit a crime report for your local area in the town which is just a simple form to complete.

When you press submit this instantly sends an email to all the subscribers who have subscribed to that particular area to notify them that there is criminal activity taking place in their area and to be more vigilant.

So lets say for example this crime was at the top of Earnsdale rd, within a couple of minutes people further down Earnsdale could have received your alert and look out their window and actually maybe see the criminals going past....

If there is also someone elderly or vulnerable in the vacinity it means that someone can check on them to make sure that they are ok

So thats just one example of many, you can report vehicle crimes, burglary and assaults on the site, however you can only report live active crimes that are actually taking place or within 2 hrs. There are other places on the site to report older crimes or things that have been stolen

"This is a totally unique system"


We know a lot of people post crimes on Faceboop groups, the problem with this is, if people dont log in to check on facebook they dont get the message, but also when people post on Facebook they give away their full name to start, and if their profile is not secure it does not take much working out to know who they are and where they live...!
With our alert system your posts are completely annonymous, you only disclose your contact details if you choose to do so

Reducing Crime In Darwen

As criminals soon become aware that the whole town is watching them they are certainly going to think twice about doing the same again.

This has to be a massive deterent if te whole town is all connected together with a messaging system and will make thoe whole town a better and safe place to live.

We can't do it without you, sign up today it's just £1.00pm for the service to help us cover support and maintenance

We cover all areas in Darwen including Lower Darwen, Tockholes up to Pickup Bank, Sunnyhurst to Priory and Whitehall to Chapels.


Ask us about our Panic Button alerts for Elderly and the more vulnerable in society
Your own personal alert system


NEW SMS crime alerts

You can now send and receive crime alerts by SMS for an even quicker response, so if a neighbour reports a crime you can get an instant txt alert and remain annonymous.

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An old mill town situated in a valley in Lancashire, steeped in history this now market town has a friendly and vibrrant community that welcomes visitors and tourists. Darreners are proud of their heritage and our famous jubilee tower is a fabulous place if you love the countryside with view across to Blackpool and the Lake District. Darwen Tower was completed in 1898 to commemorate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee and also to celebrate the victory of the local people for the right to access the moor


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