Darwen in Lancashire

The Panic Button

The Panic Button is a unique feature that we have developed that allows elderly and vulnerable people a way to reach a lot of people at any time should they need assistance.

So basically, when this feature is setup for you or your family you get a unique address to use for your Panic button, when someone presses the panic button it notifies people who are subscribed to your list that someone is in need of assistance.

People can then notify other users on the list if they are going to respond to the call so that everyone is kept informed and upto date.


A typical use maybe as follows:-

You may live out of town, but you have an elderly relative who lives in the town but no way to get to them quickly. So you set them up with a panic button, then if they require assistance which could be for a number of reasons:-

  • They have maybe had a fall and can't really walk or get to the bathroom
  • There is anti-social behaviour going on outside and they are little concerned
  • There is possible criminal activity taking place outside and they are concerned
  • They have had a cold caller and are too uncomfortable to use the phone while they are there and have let them in the house
  • They have some other medical emergency but not necessarily a 999 emergency
  • Their pet has run away, and they are too frail to chase it
  • They have a water leak, or their power has gone off

So by pressing their panic button not only can they inform you and all family members and relatives but all neighbours in the area who are willing to help and you will get notifications of who is responding to assist and a report of how they are so everyone is kept in the loop so a hundred people don't turn up at once..!!

So, what better way to look after yourself or a member of your family knowing that with a press of a button there are lots of people ready to assist you

 *The number of people available to assist will be depicted by how many are subscribed to the panic button list for the area that the person lives.

Crime in Darwen reports

Crime Alerts

Report Crimes to all your neighbours and catch criminals in the act.

Instant Crime Alerts

Using our crime reporting feature on the site, if you spot something suspicious you can instantly notify all your neighbors who subscribe to the service to inform them within minutes. So a neighbour can then be vigilant and take any action to ensure they are safe and maybe even spot the criminals running down the street.
See also our PANIC BUTTON feature for elderly or vulnerable and our NEW Instant Text Alerts for crime reports

Local Tradesmen in Darwen Lancashire


Local Tradesmen:
Builders, Plumbers, Electrictians, Glaziers, Mechanics..

Local Tradesmen

Register in our Tradesmen directory so local people can find you easily and let them know if you operate 24hrs. Many people post in Facebook groups looking for recommendations so ask them to review you here to build your reputation.

Take aways and fast food restaurants

Food & Drinks

Find local Darwen Restaurants and Take Away's, reserve tables and order online.

Restaurants and Bars

Find all the eating and drinking houses and also see whats on with our Darwen Gig guide.
Local Restaurants, help us to support you and try using our Table 1 reservation software and drinks ordering APP. Find Restaurants, Pubs, Bars in Darwen and see any special offers they may have on at the moment: Restaurants owners sign up to advertise for free and use our table reservation system to take bookings with full table layouts of your restaurant to make it easy for us darreners to book a table. Special substanially discounted offers for BB3 postcodes.

Jobs recruitment


We are inviting local employers & people to add their details and build the local jobs database.

Recruitment & Jobs

Post your CV for local employers to view online and get yourself noticed

Our Jobs & Recruitment section is perfect for Darwen employers to advertise for local jobs in all industries, its free to post your adverts for individual local businesses. For the local stores and hospitality sectors, there are also dedicated sections to find local staff and part time.

An old mill town situated in a valley in Lancashire, steeped in history this now market town has a friendly and vibrrant community that welcomes visitors and tourists. Darreners are proud of their heritage and our famous jubilee tower is a fabulous place if you love the countryside with view across to Blackpool and the Lake District. Darwen Tower was completed in 1898 to commemorate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee and also to celebrate the victory of the local people for the right to access the moor


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